10 ways you can celebrate Father’s Day.

There are more than a million ways to celebrate Dad this Father’s Day. But as we all know his favorite would be spending the day with you. So this 16th June, plan ahead and make this Father’s Day special for you and your old man.

If you need a little help with the plans, look no further ! Here are some amazing ideas on how to celebrate Father’s Day.

1. Go for a hike or a picnic. Enjoy the great outdoors as a family. What all dads want on Father’s Day: Sandwiches, sunshine and his favorite people around him.
2. Fire up the grill. Waste no time in bringing out the charcoal and serve plate after plate of delicious goodness!
3. This holiday calls for a family day splash at the pool.
4. Play in the street! Yes, you read that right! You are never too old to not drag out two goals, wait for the traffic to subside, and playing a little soccer in the street.
5. Stay off screens for the day!
6. Don’t forget the classic Father’s Day activity, yes you guessed it right-fishing!
7. Challenge your dad to paintball. Let him explore his inner warrior.
8. Hit the amusement park! There are crazy activities which you can do in a theme park! Dad will not be disappointed, we guarantee you.
9. Plan a weekend getaway ! June is the perfect month to go away on a scenic road trip.
10. Make your dad his favorite meal! And if he is into cooking, you can do it together.

Remember that gifts are great but showing your love, reassuring your dad that you’re proud of him and all that he’s done for you goes an extra mile in making your father happy.

Whatever way you decide to spend this day, don’t sweat it. Share your Father’s Day story in our comment section.
We wish you a fantastic Father’s Day!

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