4 ways you can make this Easter fabulous:


I love cooking. I always try to innovate some new dishes for my family. Though I am not a professional cook, I surf through the cooking sites frequently and try to imbibe the new ideas from there. This Easter I have some special plans to surprise my family.

Easter and no egg hunting for the kids is impossible. My husband and I have already started gathering different uncommon colors for egg painting. I am amused to see him scribbling on paper with colors for practice. My canine son Clay encourages him a lot!

Baking something special for the foodie family like ours, is a must for any occasion. I had ordered for a pair of baking trays and it reached in time. When you are planning to buy a nonstick cookie sheet set, give the first priority to the health safety. This time I got the right and the best tray I ever had.  I trialed some lemon cookies and strawberry tart and it came out with perfect baking.

Celebrate this Easter in a very special way. Here are some tips for you.

4 ways you can make this Easter fabulous:

1) Arrange for some small magic show or a little craft session for your kids and their friends. Schedule this after Easter egg hunting. They will enjoy it a lot for sure.  Prepare all the colored eggs well before the Easter Sunday.

2) There are certain things close to our heart which we plan to do for a long time but our busy routine stands in between. Make this Easter the perfect occasion for that. Allow yourself the time to dive into those activities. I have a plan with my easel and canvas to rejuvenate my childhood hobby.

3) Go to a sea side before dawn and indulge yourself to witness the remarkable sunrise on this day. Or, plan for a long drive with your family. Visit your parents or in laws or invite them at your place. Nowadays, we find little time to spare with them in our busy daily life. So, never miss this opportunity to show your love and care. I am honored to be having a great gathering with my friends and relatives at my place for the dinner.

4) Arrange a gala dinner at home. Show your creativity while you arrange the table. Mix your passion and love with ingredients while cooking. You are the right person who can inculcate a healthy food habit to your family’s youngsters.

Share your thoughts with us regarding this Easter celebration. Make this Easter a memorable one. Home And Kitchen Group wishes you a very happy Easter.



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