5 festivals you can celebrate this June

We, humans are as different as weather itself so one’s idea of perfect weather may not be another’s favorite. But, luckily for us, June is here and that means summer will soon take us over.

The breathing of the world is now long, warm and slow and every sunset is different.  For some the perfect summer day is a day when it’s already warm when you wake up, and you can wander outside with a cup of coffee, sit and read the paper with your toes in the dew on the grass, and listen to your kids playing in their backyard with the dogs. Then, with the air thick with the smell of lilacs and fresh cut grass, it would be hot enough to get out the old slip n’ slide and start up the grill.

Or maybe for others, the perfect summer day starts with a grey sky.  Some might fancy a glass of cool lemonade, eating watermelon on the deck mid-afternoon with a light breeze. I, personally, love to wake up to really fluffy white clouds floating effortlessly in the clear blue sky.

Let us welcome the long days, stretching into one another with all our heart! And June has so many festivals to offer!

  1. We have World Environment Day on 5th It has been a social platform, for years, for individuals, governments and celebrities wishing to make a public outreach and make their concerns for the environment known. Its main goal is to bring global awareness and direct action for the preservation of Earth. Every year, this event has a different theme and this year’s theme is “Air Pollution”. This year, my friends and I are planning to organize a children’s workshop on raising awareness on air pollution.  Our goal is to educate the kids about its harmful effects and encourage them to plant more trees, save energy, walk or use cycles for short distances and much more. Looking forward to it!
  2. Each year on 24th June the Inca Festival of the sun, Inti Raymi is celebrated. It was a tribute created by Inca Pachacutec to the venerated sun god Inti. The ancient Inca capital, Cusco is still visited by thousands of visitors to celebrate one of the most important events of the year.
  3. Shavuot, the “Feast of Weeks,” is celebrated seven weeks after Passover. Shavuot combines two major religious observances. First is the grain harvestof the early summer. Second is the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai seven weeks after the exodus from Egypt. There are a number of customs associated with personal practice. Chief among them is the eating of dairy products on Shavuot. Although the reasons for this custom are not completely clear, it has become traditional to eat milk and cheese products as part of the celebration of Shavuot.
  4. 4. Ratha Yatra is a major Hindu festival associated with Lord Jagannath (avatar of Lord Vishnu) held at Puri in India during the month of June. Also known as the “chariot festival”, Ratha Yatra begins with the invoking ceremony in the morning and the chariot pulling on the roads of Purr in afternoon is the most exciting part of the festival. Many other countries celebrate this festival with great gaiety. Join to get the flavor of this festival.
  5. Celebrated on the day of summer solstice, World Humanist Day , 21st June is the coming together of individuals and organizations who value science and rationalism over divinity and the supernatural. It is regarded as the holiday for free thought in the world. The main point of the World Humanist Day is to try to make the world a better place by the public’s knowledge of scientific methods in hope that it will dispel many age-old myths. Click here for more information.

Make sure you spend this June your special way to make it memorable! Feel free to leave a comment mentioning your plans. It would mean the world to us. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!

Homeandkitchengroup wishes you a jubilant June!

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