6 ways to enjoy this October

Finally fall is here. Fall is the wonderful time when cooler weather, changing the colors of the leaves and delicious pumpkin flavor signal the onset of the season autumn. Surroundings are full of nature’s richest colors. This is a magical season when green leaves explode into wonderful hues of red, gold and orange. The burst of vibrant color captures our attention. Enjoy these breathtaking colors and bold texture of nature with family and friends.

It’s the best time of the year for foodies, festival lovers and those who are fond of pleasantly cool weather. I keep myself on the top of this list. Being a foodie, this is my best time for cooking and baking. The cool mood – enhancing weather helps me to explore new recipes and I use to make a list of dishes to prepare on every weekend. I get ready for the forthcoming events like Halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas. Christmas is around the corner and winter is not far away and feeling of excitement starts to dazzle within me.

6 Ways you can enjoy this October:

1)October is here and don’t tell that you’re not eagerly waiting to smell the essence of fall. Schedule a little time to embrace and celebrate the change of season.  A fall stroll can be a good stress reliever. Walking through the golden yellow leaves always makes me happy as it draws my attention to something beautiful. It gives my brain a break and brings me a peaceful mind. Take out your gardening apron. This is the best time to put your hands in the dirt, head in the sun and heart with nature. To take care of a garden means to feed your soul. Find a local fall festival. A number of state fair, carnivals and concerts are going on. Join them.

2) If you have a knack for photography, it is the best time to explore your talent. Take some unique pictures of fall foliage and frame those beautiful moments.

3) Autumn wouldn’t be completed without Oktoberfest. There are hundreds of large and small Oktoberfest celebrations held annually in USA, the largest being Oktoberfest Zinzinnatti in Cincinnati, Ohio. Join any one of them. You can plan for a trip to Munich to have the original flavor of this festival. You may find some guide to make your trip from here. Click to enjoy.

4) October hosts a number of Hindu festivals and celebrations, like, Navratri, Gandhi Jayanti, Diwali and Kartik Purnima. Plan for joining some of them. Click here to know how Diwali, festival of lights, is celebrated in USA.

5)  Columbus Day celebrates the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the Americas on October 12, 1492. It is celebrated on the second Monday in October. Click to know more about this public holiday.

6) Prepare yourself well before for the Halloween. It is the annual holiday celebrated each year on October 31. Make a unique dress and make up plan for this special occasion. This time let your kids explore their innovation for Halloween.  Bake some special cake and throw a potluck party.

Home and Kitchen Group  wishes you a great October. Share your thoughts with us leaving a comment in the comment box.

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