7 ways you can make this May magnificent

The fifth month of the Julian and Gregorian calendar, May, has ushered in with the full potential of promises of April. It is named after Maia – the Greek god of Fertility.  It is the month of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and for the southern hemisphere it is autumn. And you just cannot keep to Indoors.  In most places in the USA you will find a pleasant climate accompanied with bright sunshine tempered with light and occasional rainfalls. No wonder that the United Kingdom celebrates May as the National Smile Month.

It is a time for travel and mirth and Mandy and I look forward to the whiff of fresh air which hits our face as we pack our food and tents and hiking accessories and hit the highway for a trip to Mother Nature. For this, Mandy made our plans ready well before. She has an insane love for baking. Saturdays are baking days to her. She is ready with her baking trays, non stick tray liners and other accessories and ingredients to surprise us with her new recipes. She often invites her friends and shares her experiments with them.

For us then, it is not a month to sit brooding at home but to come out and share the bounties of nature.  You may choose to take a hike in the trails of Grand Talon, and if travelling south, the hiking trails in National Parks or the beaches look so inviting!!  The festival of nature merges with the festivals celebrated by us in May.

A barbeque in the lap of nature, the splatter of colors all around and the gaiety of people permeates the soul and entreats you to participate in the various festivals offered to us in this month. They are:

  1. 1st May, May Day – Across the world, 1st of May is celebrated as May Day or International Labor Day. It is to commemorate the empowerment of laborers working all over the world. It was on this day in 1884 that the American Federation of Organized Trade and Labor Unions demanded an eight-hour workday which ultimately came to effect on 1st May, 1886 after much strife and bloodshed.
  2. Yom HaShoah – The Jewish Community across the world commemorates it as the world holocaust Remembrance Day or holocaust day or heroism remembrance day when around 6 million Jews were exterminated as a result of the racist policy adopted by the Nazi German forces. This year it is from 1st to 2nd  
  3. Yom HaZikaron– It is a national day of public mourning for all those who laid their lives for the defence of the state of Israel. The Jewish communities all over the world commemorates this day by shutting down all places of entertainment and other solemn activities.
  4. Yom HaAtzmaut – on May 14, 1948, a Declaration of the state of Israel was made by David Ben Gurion, later the first Prime Minister of Israel, which was acknowledged by the United States. This Israeli Independence Day is celebrated with much pomp and fanfare.
  5. For the outdoor types, the Kentucky Derby Horse Race at Churchill Downs racetrack in Louisville, Kentucky on May 4, weekend may be the place to visit. If you are interested, click here. 
  6. A fortnight-long Spoleto Festival will commence on May 27 as a counterpart to the annual festival in Spoleto, Italy. It is a package full of dance, theater, opera, music and visual arts and the venue is at Charleston, South Carolina. Festival like this can add flavors to your daily schedules.
  7. The month signs of with an adrenalin-rush activity of Indianapolis 500 mile motorcar race at Indianapolis, Indiana Speedway. The renowned event draws huge number of spectators. Motor race lovers can join them






What are your plans for making this may a marvelous one? Please share your ideas with us.

Home And Kitchen group wishes you all a very happy and peaceful May.

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