8 ways you can make this March eventful

We are stepping into the third month. The change in the nature begins. March welcomes spring. After a long dull and cold winter, flowery green nature is just around the corner.

Trees get a new life with brand new leaves and blooming flowers. Spring makes the bridge between the gloom of winter and the warmth of summer.  It makes your soul want to smile.  And we are getting ready to enjoy longer days. That means more sunlight. Studies say, the light and heat are the metaphors of hope.

March welcomes the dawn of new season for sports. My friend, Charles, a basketball fanatic, eagerly waits for March every year. When he was in college, he used to volunteer himself in each and every tournament of NCAA Division of men’s basketball. This year he is planning to visit our college with his family to witness the thrilling matches of the March Madness.

For me, March is the month to find back my enthusiasm. I have made a list of global events and festivals celebrated in March which I’d love to take part in. Let me share it with you!

8 events you can celebrate in March:

  1. Patrick’s Day is to be celebrated on 17th March. St. Patrick, one of the Ireland’s patron saint is remembered by many Americans with Irish ancestry. It is the day to celebrate Irish culture and tradition. People celebrate this day by wearing green, eating green colored food and drinking special Irish drinks. Many Irish clubs and pubs hold parties. Many cities host parades. You can join one of the NYC’s parades.
  2. Purim commemorates the salvation of Jewish people in ancient Persia, from Haman’s plot to destroy them. This festival will be celebrated on 20th – 21st march this year. During celebration, some people dress up in the costumes of different characters of ancient Purim story. Many Jewish people give food and other gift items to the needy. Some organizations hold Purim carnivals with lots of activities, food and games.
  3. March is incomplete without the International Women’s Day. This year the theme is ‘BalanceForBetter’. It is celebrated on 8th March globally for the achievements of women in social, political, cultural and economical fields. Like previous years, many places in the United States hold conferences and other activities to honor the empowerment of women. Click here to know more.
  4. March celebrates another very important event. I used to be very casual about my health. Exercising never earned a place in my schedule. And I didn’t even pay importance to my diet. The sudden shocking news of the death of my strapping, sturdy uncle whom I always looked up to turned my daily routine upside down. We had lost him to kidney failure. Now I’m more focused and conscious about my health. Each year the World Kidney Day is celebrated on the second Thursday of March. World Kidney Day is a global health campaign celebrated globally to focus on the importance of the major body organ, kidney to reduce its chronic diseases.
  5. Another important festival celebrated in March is the Iranian New Year day, Nowruz. It is the day of the vernal equinox and begins the spring in the northern hemisphere. For many years this was celebrated in Iran only. Slowly it is spread over to other countries. It is celebrated on 21st of March. Many Persian buy new clothes, flowers on the Nowruz eve. They decorate their houses with their prosperous symbols.
  6. The Hindu festival Holi, which is known as spring festival or the festival of colors, is to be celebrated on 21st March. It is acknowledged as the triumph of good over evil. On the eve of the festival, a bonfire, Holika, is lighted and on the next morning people start playing with colors using dyes and pigments. Dance, music and food are considered parts of this fest.  Many countries host Holi carnivals with lots of events. Do not hesitate to join one!  
  7. March is the National Nutrition Month and a nutrition education and information campaign is produced annually by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. It focuses on food choices, physical activities and creates awareness about the harmful effects of having too much junk and processed food on your body. Social media offers a number of ways to become slim by following some extreme crash diet and vigorous workout routines which may be dangerous for our health. It’s better not to follow those. Physical exercises and eating healthy without pushing ourselves too hard is definitely a much easier and better alternative.  Home and Kitchen Group offers you some essential tips for healthy cooking.
  8.  For the sports lovers, here is a very popular event that starts in March. Yes, you guessed that right. It’s March Madness, one of the biggest and most exciting events in the history of sports. (68 teams compete in this NCAA Division I men’s basketball single elimination tournament).Click Here for the schedule.

Home and Kitchen Group wishes you a magnificent March. Let us know what made this month unique for you!

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