Celebrate the whole new year as a global citizen

This year, 2019, we shall be writing about world’s festivals. Every country, every culture has its own festivals. Some festivals are religious, some are seasonal activities related to dominant occupation in that region, some are related to historical events, some festival are to celebrate man’s inherent spirituality. Festivals play a very important role in our lives. These events are harbingers of new hopes, breaks monotony of our otherwise mundane life, helps reviving spiritual or cultural ethos and encourage older generations to pass on values to younger generations. Festivals have some tangible benefits too. These events promote trade and commerce – at local, regional, national, even global level.

Festivals of life
A new year, a new beginning

We all see many faces, hear many unknown languages, see pictures of unknown places in billboards, TV, internet. But rarely do we pause for a minute to think about these places, these people, these languages and their lives. As part of Home and Kitchen Group’s endeavor to make life better and more meaningful, we thought of discovering festivals around the globe.

You can also take part in this discussion with us. You may already know someone in your wider circle who are originally from a different part of the world. You might have met her as a friend’s friend or as a local shop owner or as a supermarket worker you visit regularly or as your colleague or met someone in your local gym or in the airport lounge. Please share your experience and any other information by writing to us.

In this series, we shall be writing each month about festivals observed in that month. You can then look for attending such events locally. Let us all celebrate this new year in a different way – by knowing other people first. For your convenience, we may deliver these short notes directly to your mailbox, you can leave your email id here. Just to let you know that you can alter your preference anytime if you chose to do so.

Finally, please share your experience and any other information about any other culture here. Let us celebrate life together, build better homes and leave a legacy to next generation.


H&K Group Team

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