Celebrate this Autumn

Summer is gone. There is nip in the air. Daylights are shortening. Trees are changing. Animals are growing furs. Welcome Autumn. In the Season’s household, this child is much less mentioned compared to its popular siblings. Spring is the most favorite child by common opinion – full of joy, youth, vivaciousness, energy, merriment.
But Autumn has its own characters too. This is the time nature sprays colors all around. Trees are painted with red, orange, yellow tinges all over in the backdrop of cerulean sky. This scenes are also treat to the eyes.
Autumn is also the time for contemplation, resilience and introspection. This is the time to prepare for winter days ahead. Fall is the time to go back to schools, rake up the fallen leaves from garden, plan for the festivities. Children are preparing for Halloween. Adults are planning for Christmas – guests to invite, gifts to buy, parties to plan for.
Every free hour I get in daytime, I am out in the garden in my apron and gloves. My garden tools are out – hand trowels, hand fork, pruning snip, lawn rakes are all around. Clearing the ground, preparing the soil, planting Pansies, Primroses, Snowdrops, Helleborus and Crocuses, I am busy preparing for welcoming winter. In between my work, when I take rest in my garden chair, I listen to the leaves falling silently, floating and drifting down, preparing the trees to overcome the wintry chill, as if it is telling us to start looking back over the past months, remember the good times, forget the mistakes and shed the unnecessary. This is the time to look forward and prepare for ending the year with grand celebration. Celebrate Autumn!!!

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