Resolutions for 2019

2018 is finally drawing to a close. While we ponder what lies ahead, many of us are focused on improving something specific: ourselves.  New Year’s Resolutions can mark a time of renewal, re commitment and reflection although they are notoriously hard to stick to! Some of the most popular resolutions are the most commonly broken ones. We should not set targets too steep for us to achieve at once.

Last year my resolutions of “hitting the gym everyday”, “going on a strict diet for six months” did not seem as exciting as it did on the first week of January. If a year consisted of 30 days then I could have proudly announced that my resolutions did last one whole year. I bet you all can relate with me. We end up deciding on resolutions that do not keep us motivated after a while. Instead, we should set ourselves realistic goals like exercising at least thrice a week for two hours, eating pizza only once in four months without any extra cheese, cutting down a minimum of four cigarettes per day.

Here are ten New Year’s resolutions which are not very difficult to keep.

  1. Start a meditation practice. It can help you deal with stress and negative emotions. It also enhances your self-awareness.
  2. Call your family more. Chances are you don’t live right down the street from your family. Make it a point to call them regularly. It will completely make your great-aunt’s day when you call her to catch up.
  3. Satisfy your wanderlust. Pick a destination you’ve been dying to visit and make plans to go. You’ll bring back refreshment and lot of memories.
  4. Kick your social media habit. Too much of social media can be a bad thing; you’ll miss out on your real life.
  5. Start reading and writing more. When we get busy, reading a good book is the first thing that falls off. A busy schedule also compromises on writing.
  6. Sleep better. It’s always not about how long you sleep but the quality also matters. Make sure the z’s you catch get you ready for the day ahead.
  7. Stay on top of your health. Be mindful of what you eat. Have salads at least thrice a week. Craft your own definition of “healthy”.
  8. Stop saying you’re sorry all the time. Learn to save the “I’m sorry” statements when they are necessary.
  9. Be kind to yourself. Bad days and mistakes are inevitable. But instead of making yourself feel worse you need to treat yourself kindly. If I’m having a particularly bad day, I allow myself to go to bed a little early so that I can wake up refreshed for the next day.
  10. Accept change. In this list this is probably the hardest task especially when you feel everyone in your life is changing around you and you are stagnant. Remember that change is what allows us to grow and being more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

New Year comes with new hope and new light. Let’s take the time to appreciate what this year has given us and what the new one is about to bring!

May this New Year bring with it an abundance of joys (and chocolates) to you.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. 2019, here we come!


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