Just a few days to go. One of the most awaited events is knocking on the door. Thanksgiving Day is the ideal time for family reunion. Family, togetherness and enjoyment; these are three words this event is associated with. It is clear from the name that Thanksgiving Day holds a sense of gratitude. The fourth Thursday of November, being a national holiday, followed by black Friday and cyber Monday, a festive mood begins and brings the flavor of Christmas celebration.


Holidays without good food are unthinkable. Let this Thanksgiving Day be the loveliest ever. You can go for the traditional fancy turkey dinner. Build the best feast with your secret recipe of turkey with your signature stuffing and give your magic touch to other dishes.

But if you plan to make something non-traditional, that is great too! Your dish doesn’t necessarily have to involve turkey. Have fun and see how creative you can get.




Thanksgiving is all about spending time with your family. If you have a plan to travel home for your parents or siblings, make a guide plan earlier. There is a huge rush during the second half of November for many of us go flying or use public transport to go home for the holidays. It’s not a good idea to get stuck in the crowd for poor planning.


Though thanksgiving is mainly a family event, it is the budding time for Christmas. New York City hosts the famous Thanksgiving Parade on this day. You can join the crowd.


You can try learning a new recipe from someone in your family or some friend.
You and some close friend of yours can go hiking and watch the sunset. You can spend that quality time with him/her which you were planning for ages.
It is a good idea to get off your phone for this weekend.
Make a list of ten (or more) things you’re thankful for, this year.
And of course, watch American football!A great sale will be there during this weekend. The black Friday is well known for high discounts. You can start your Christmas shopping.
This year I’ve decided to serve Thanksgiving dinner in an old age home with some friends.  Serving together is an even better bonding experience than sharing a meal. I’ll take my daughter Mandy along with me.This Thanksgiving, disconnect from your busy life and reconnect with friends and family. Let us all make this holiday a time for celebrating faith, family and freedom.

May you have the happiest Thanksgiving Day!

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